A transcript is an official document prepared by the Registrar recording a student's courses and grades. After convocation, the degree earned including the area(s) of specialization (major, minor, area of concentration, area of emphasis), graduation standing, and the conferral date are noted on the transcript.

An official transcript can be ordered online by submitting the Official Transcript Request Form, available on the Downloads webpage.

The transcript fee is listed in Chapter VI--Schedule of Fees. Students must have met all financial obligation to the University before official transcripts can be released for any purpose.

Processing time for transcripts is five business days.

Official transcripts from the University of Guelph will show that a degree has been conferred only after the date of convocation.

Official Open Learning program transcripts must be ordered by submitting the "Transcript Request Form" along with payment to the Open Learning and Educational Support. The order can be placed by mail, facsimile or in person. The Open Learning Transcript Request form can be found at: