Honours List

The Honours List will include:

  1. Students taking full-time studies who have obtained a minimum semester average of 80.0%.
  2. Students who in part-time semesters (which do not need to be consecutive) attain a minimum cumulative average of 80.0% in a sequence of at least 2.00 credits. All credits will be counted and the designation will appear under the last of the semesters making up the average, and in the graduating semester of students who have maintained a cumulative average of 80.0% since their last Honours List Designation.
  3. A student with a deferred condition, or a mark not received, will not be evaluated for placement on the Honours List until the academic record for the given semester is completed.

Students who have consistently maintained a high average, but for whom a change in program, to part-time status in the graduating semester, or other anomalies have prevented placement on the Honours List, should consult the Campus Registrar about eligibility for the Honours List. Courses taken via Letter of Permission do not contribute the calculation of full-time or part-time status.