Academic Accommodation of Religious Obligations

The University acknowledges the pluralistic nature of the graduate, undergraduate and diploma communities. Accommodation will be made to students who experience a conflict between a religious obligation and scheduled tests, mid-term examinations, final examinations, or requirements to attend classes and participate in laboratories. The type of accommodation granted will vary depending on the nature, weight and timing of the work for which accommodation is sought. Accordingly, the request for alternative arrangements normally must be submitted to the instructor in charge of the course within two weeks of the distribution of the course outline. A student requiring accommodation may submit the request to the instructor directly. Program counsellors can provide additional guidance about the process and support to students making an accommodation request, if needed. The instructor has a responsibility to provide reasonable alternative arrangements that do not put the student at an academic disadvantage. In the case of a conflict with a final examination, the instructor should reschedule the examination to another time during the examination period taking care that the new date and time does not put the student at an academic disadvantage.

In the event that a student is not satisfied with the accommodation offered by the instructor, the student may appeal to the Department Chair, or Director of the School, who may grant alternative accommodation. A student who remains dissatisfied with the outcome of their request may seek the assistance from Diversity and Human Rights (DHR) to facilitate a resolution.

For a current list of major holy days, please contact the Diversity and Human Rights (DHR).