Conditional Admission

Conditional admission may be granted to an applicant whose record to date is acceptable but whose application is incomplete (final official documents have not been received). If the hard copy (paper) final official documents are deemed satisfactory by the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies once submitted, the student's admission will be confirmed. If the documents submitted are unsatisfactory, or if the applicant does not meet the conditions listed in their letter of offer, the offer of admission may be rescinded. The assessment of most applications for admission to graduate studies is completed using unofficial electronic documents, and may result in a conditional offer of admission. Such conditional offers of admission require submission of the applicant’s hard copy/paper official documents in order to confirm the offer of admission. As well, applicants must meet any conditions required for admission as stipulated in the offer of admission by the deadline set out in the letter of offer.

Note: Conditional admission will not be granted on the basis of any pending English Language Proficiency test results other than those of the University of Guelph’s English Language Certificate Program (ELCP) or Graduate Preparation Program (GPP). See Application for Admission for more information.