Credit/No Credit Grading Option

The University of Guelph-Humber is committed to developing the whole student, providing a learning environment that encourages exploration. The credit/no credit course option will encourage student learning and participation in academic areas in which they have interest but perhaps not expertise. This policy allows undergraduate students to receive credit for eligible courses without impacting their cumulative average. Non-degree and non-diploma students are not eligible for this grading option.

The intention of this option is to allow students to explore courses outside of their main area of study and is based on the criteria listed below. The application of this option to a course is not subject to consideration through the academic consideration process.

Students complete course work as usual and must achieve a final mark of at least 50%, to receive a Credit (CR) under this option. The course(s) are not included in the calculation of the student’s overall cumulative or semester average, or specialization average.

Undergraduate students may elect to take up to 2.00 credits (typically equal to four, one-semester courses) on the credit/no credit grading option in each diploma or degree taken. A total of 2.00 credits is allowed for General plus Honours Equivalent combined. Undergraduate students completing two degrees at the same time may elect to use the credit/no credit grading option for 2.00 credits in one degree and an additional 1.00 credits in the second degree for a maximum of 3.00 credits. The choice is not restricted as to year or level of course.

Students may use the credit/no credit option to satisfy Certificate requirements.

If a student fails the course and receives a No Credit (NCR), the course credit amount will be deducted from the 2.00 credits available to the student on the credit/no credit grading option. 

To qualify for this grading option, students must:

  • be currently registered in the course 
  • submit a request to opt for a credit/no credit status to the Registrar’s Office by the last day of classes in the semester in which they are taking the course 
  • apply the credit/no credit grading option only to free electives or liberal education electives as defined by their program. Please contact your program counselling office for confirmation of course eligibility

Students may not use this grading option for the following categories of courses:

  •  courses which satisfy specialization requirements including majors, minors, areas of concentration, areas of emphasis, and areas of application
  •  courses in which they have been found guilty of academic misconduct and received a grade penalty

Reversing a credit/no credit Request:

  •  the request to complete a course on a credit/no credit basis can be reversed by submitting a reversal request to the Office of Registrarial Services