Schedule of Studies

If students have not done so upon entering a degree program, they must declare a major by entry into semester 3 of their degree program. The University monitors the student's progress toward a degree using both the degree program requirements and the schedule of studies requirements. Students must satisfy the requirements in effect at the time of the initial declaration of a schedule of studies or at the time of any subsequent change in declarations.

When degree program requirements or schedules of studies are altered by the University, a student may elect to satisfy the requirements in effect when the student entered the degree program, or its equivalent, or a subsequent schedule within a degree program. Students who declare additional majors, areas of concentration and/or minors can elect to follow the requirements that match the year of their core major or the requirements that are in effect at the time of declaration.

Students wishing to alter the schedule used to monitor their progress should seek assistance from a program counsellor (refer to Chapter VII - Academic Advising).