Deferred Assessments

When students do not write a required final examination, complete a final assignment, or complete a work term report by the deadline, they may be eligible for a deferred assessment. A deferred assessment allows a student the opportunity to complete the final course requirements after the end of the semester. The nature of the deferred assessment may take the form of either a deferred condition or a deferred examination. The Admissions and Academic Review Sub-Committee grants deferred assessments on the basis of medical, psychological or compassionate consideration. Deferred assessments are normally completed early in the semester immediately following the semester in which the course was taken.

If the Admissions and Academic Review Sub-Committee assigns a passing grade or credit standing (CRD) on the basis of medical, psychological, or compassionate grounds, a student may request a deferred assessment instead. The student must make the request for a deferred assessment using the Request for Academic Consideration form within 10 days of the start of the next semester. The grade resulting from the deferred assessment will become part of the student’s official academic record.

Faculty members do not grant deferred assessments. They can only grant academic consideration for work that is due during the semester and cannot grant extensions beyond the deadline for submission of final grades. The faculty member should note on the Faculty Recommendation form any special circumstances relating either to the student or to the way the course was conducted.

The Campus Registrar (and relevant Academic Advisor) records the results of deferred assessments, and re-evaluates the student’s academic record for continuation of study. If Continuation of Study requirements have not been met, the Admissions and Academic Review Sub-Committee will revise the student’s academic standing. The University reserves the right to disallow registration until all deferred assessments are complete and the student's final standing is calculated.

Deferred Condition

The faculty member will determine the requirements and conduct of the deferred condition. The deferred condition may be a written test, an oral test, an assignment, a laboratory practical, or any other method of evaluation. The requirements for the completion of the deferred condition are documented in writing by the faculty member and copy of the documentation is retained by both the faculty member and the student. The faculty member must notify the Campus Registrar and relevant Academic Advisor of the results of a deferred condition, normally within four days of its completion. Students must normally complete a deferred condition within 15 class days of the start of the semester immediately following the completion of the course. The Academic Advisor (copying the Campus Registrar and the faculty member) advises students in writing of the deadline for the completion of a condition. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the faculty member and make arrangements for the details of the condition.

The Academic Advisor will advise faculty in writing of the students who have been granted deferred conditions. The memorandum specifies the deadline for completion of the deferred condition, and the deadline for the submission of final grades.

If the condition is not completed by the required date, a grade is assigned based on the term work completed as indicated on the original Faculty Recommendation form. Students may be considered for an extension, or the assignment of a grade based on incomplete work, if medical or compassionate circumstances interfere at the time of the scheduled condition.

Deferred Examination

The Campus Registrar (in consultation with the Academic Advisors) schedules and supervises deferred examinations that are two hours in length. The Academic Advisors notify faculty members of the deferred examination schedule and advise the students of the date, time and location of their deferred examinations. The Admissions and Academic Review Sub-Committee expects students to write deferred examinations during the deferred examination period that follows the end of the semester.

Students may request an extension, or the assignment of a grade based on incomplete work, if medical or compassionate reasons prevail at the time of the scheduled examination. When a deferred examination is scheduled, the faculty member must send one paper for each student granted a deferred examination in the course.