Previously registered students must apply to Admission Services for readmission under any of the following conditions:

  1. If they were required to withdraw from their program for a period of two or more semesters.
  2. If they were suspended from the University for academic misconduct.
  3. If they have graduated from this University and wish to register in order to take additional courses.
  4. They were admitted to the University but withdrew from all courses, registered in a program or courses at another post-secondary institution, and they wish to return to the University of Guelph.
  5. If they have not registered at the University of Guelph for six or more consecutive semesters.
  6. If they are attending the University of Guelph on a letter of permission and wish to continue past the term of the letter of permission agreement.

Readmission to a program at the University of Guelph is not automatic. Students who are required to withdraw must apply for readmission to the University after completing the minimum two semesters of rustication. Students should consult Chapter IV - Admission Information regarding appropriate admission requirements and deadline dates. Applications for readmission should include a statement which outlines the basis for readmission. Criteria used for readmission may differ by academic program. Students considering readmission should consult with the appropriate Program Counsellor regarding procedures and criteria for readmission to that program.

Students requiring readmission must apply to Admission Services, Office of Registrarial Services, University Centre, Level 3. Applications for readmission must be submitted by the deadline date established for each semester (see Chapter III--Schedule of Dates). An application fee is payable at the time the application is submitted (see Chapter VI - Schedule of Fees).

On December 19, 1995, the University Senate approved the following policy for the granting of credit while on rustication:

  1. Students who have been required to withdraw, and who take diploma credit courses during their rustication period, will be eligible for up to 1.00 credit provided they meet the criteria for readmission and the criteria for the transfer of credit. Students registered for courses through the Open Learning Program, are not permitted to attend courses on campus.
  2. Students who take diploma credit courses after the two-semester rustication period may transfer all these credits provided the student meets the criteria for readmission and the criteria for the transfer of credit.
  3. Students who have been suspended for academic misconduct will not receive any credit for courses taken during the suspension period.

Note: This policy applies to any diploma credit course taken during the rustication period.