Interdisciplinary Agriculture, Environment and Food (IAEF)

IAEF*3500  Experiential Education  Fall Only  (LEC: 3)  [0.50]  
Student initiated experiential learning opportunities can be developed as a credit course in consultation with the course instructor. Students who find suitable employment in their chosen industry related to food, agriculture and environment over a summer semester can receive credit while completing the requirements for this course. This course is designed to run from May until November, with registration in the Fall semester. Students must confirm participation in this course by May 1st, prior to starting their summer employment. The course is designed to meet the needs of B.A. Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics, B.Comm. Food and Agricultural Business, B.Sc.(Agr.), B.Sc.(Env.), BBRM, B.Sc. Food Science, and BIESP.
Prerequisite(s): 5.00 credits  
Equate(s): AGR*3500  
Restriction(s): Instructor consent required. Not available to co-op students.  
Department(s): Department of Plant Agriculture  
Location(s): Guelph  
IAEF*3510  Interdisciplinary Flexible Internship  Summer, Fall, and Winter  (LEC: 3)  [0.50]  
This course offers an experiential learning opportunity through an unpaid 40-hour internship in the food, agriculture, and environment sectors with partners in government, industry or civil society organizations. Students will learn about the integrated and interdisciplinary nature of these industries in Canada. Knowledge of current and future trends in the workforce will assist students with developing career-readiness skills that will be applied during the process of securing and working in an internship position. This internship is flexible and can be completed during the course or by the end of the following semester. Completing the internship is required for completing the course.
Prerequisite(s): 9.00 credits  
Restriction(s): ENVS*3330, UNIV*2100, UNIV*3140. Not available to co-op students. Must have at least a 70% cumulative grade average. Must be in semester 5, 6 or 7 to be able to complete internship requirement before graduation. Instructor consent required.Department(s):School of Environmental Sciences  
Location(s): Guelph