Course Selection

This is the procedure by which students indicate their course requests and, if appropriate, the desired course section for upcoming semesters. Program approval may be required. Students are cautioned that courses may be subject to listed enrolment restrictions. In such cases, students that have selected courses prior to the start of the semester will be given priority.

New Students

All students accepting an offer of admission from the University of Guelph-Humber will be sent information to access an online user guide regarding course selection and registration in June each year (New Student Guide). The New Student Guide will detail course selection procedures, fee payment options and student identification card procedures. A schedule of deadline dates will be included to assist students in meeting their registration responsibilities.

In-Course Students

Course selection material for upcoming semesters will be available during the semester to all registered students. Students who are not currently registered should check WebAdvisor for course selection dates or refer to Section III - Schedule of Dates.