Dropping Courses

All course drops from a student's program for a particular semester are to be completed by the dates specified in Section III - Schedule of Dates. Courses that are one semester long must be dropped by the last day of classes. The dropping of a course after the deadline is allowed only in exceptional circumstances and requires a formal Request for Academic Consideration and the approval of the Academic Review Sub-Committee.

The Academic Review Sub-Committee may grant a request to drop a course or courses after the deadline only if there are sufficient extenuating medical, psychological, or compassionate considerations (see Academic Consideration and Appeals). Students must submit written requests for a late drop, along with their supporting documentation, to their Academic Advisor no later than the 20th day of classes of the following semester.

Student who are granted a late course drop will have reference to the course completely removed from their transcript.

Faculty Notification

In some cases the faculty must be notified when a student is dropping a courses, for example, a practicum or field placement course where agencies will need to be informed or where supplies or books on loan must be returned. If faculty notification is required to drop the course, this will be specified on the course outline and announced in the first class meeting. In such cases, the student must inform the faculty member of their intent in advance of dropping the course.


Refer to Section V - Tuition and Fees for refund schedule. Students who have documented extenuating circumstances and wish to appeal the tuition fee penalties calculated based on the refund schedule should review the Tuition Fee Appeal Process https://www.guelphhumber.ca/sfs/appeals/.