Diploma in Applied Statistics

The Diploma in Applied Statistics is a program offered by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, which seeks to give students of the Applied Sciences a technical competency in the use and application of Statistics.

The program is intended mainly for those whose primary area of expertise is not in Statistics, but who feel the need to be able to use modern statistical techniques. This program seeks to fill a need of scientists to reach a useful level of competency in the use of statistical methodology.

Diploma Requirements

The program consists of 5.00 credits chosen from the following list. It is important to take into account the necessary prerequisites when determining the sequence in which the courses are taken. Consult an advisor from the department for assistance.

MATH*1160Linear Algebra I0.50
STAT*2040Statistics I0.50
STAT*2050Statistics II0.50
STAT*3100Introductory Mathematical Statistics I0.50
STAT*3110Introductory Mathematical Statistics II0.50
STAT*3210Experimental Design0.50
STAT*3240Applied Regression Analysis0.50
STAT*3320Sampling Theory with Applications0.50
STAT*3510Environmental Risk Assessment0.50
STAT*4050Topics in Applied Statistics I0.50
STAT*4060Topics in Applied Statistics II0.50
STAT*4150Topics in Applied Statistics III0.50
STAT*4350Applied Multivariate Statistical Methods0.50
STAT*4360Applied Time Series Analysis0.50