Special University Fees

The following Special University Fees are charged on a user-fee basis as outlined below:

Fee Name and Description Fee
Account Deferral Fee $60.00 per occurrence
Cheque Refusal Fee
For each cheque upon which payment is refused by the bank on which it is drawn.
$60.00 per cheque in the amount of $452.00 or greater upon which payment is refused ($30.00 per cheque in the amount of less than $452.00).
Cheque Processing Fee
Applied to students receiving short term loans or OSAP advances.
$20.00 per occurrence
Graduation Late Fee
Payable at time of submission of a late application for graduation.
Late Registration Fee
Payable at the time of late registration (fee payment). Appeals against the late fee must be made in writing to the Secretary of the Late Appeals Committee within 10 class days from the commencement of classes. Appeal forms are available from WebAdvisor
$60.00 per occurrence
Letter of Permission
Payable at time of submission of application.
Official Transcript $15.00 each copy
Program Transfer Fee
For each applicant requesting a transfer from one degree program to another, or readmission.
$40.00 per occurrence
Supplemental Privilege
Notification of non-payment will result in the withholding of grades.
$50.00 per occurrence1

If the student pays the fee for the supplemental privilege and subsequently chooses not to write it, a refund will be made if the request is submitted in writing at least 15 days prior to the scheduled date of the supplemental to Enrolment Services, Office of Registrarial Services. No refunds will be made for fees paid for examinations which were to be written at another university or college under the direction of the student.