Thesis Format

The Faculty of Graduate Studies accepts theses either in monograph or manuscript format. A thesis written in monograph format organizes chapters around a central problem, for instance, with an Introduction, a Literature Review, and chapters on Methodology, Results, and Conclusions. In the manuscript format, the chapters treat separate elements of the research program, typically incorporating several discrete articles suitable for journal publication. Theses written in manuscript format may include the following:

  • Published articles
  • Submitted articles
  • Unpublished work in publication format

Publication or acceptance for publication of research results before presentation of the thesis in no way supersedes the University’s evaluation and judgement of the work during the thesis examination process.

Theses written in manuscript format must satisfy the following:

  • Inclusion of connecting materials that integrate across the different chapters/articles, including at minimum an overarching introduction and a concluding discussion chapter.
  • A statement certifying that the student is the principal or sole author of any included manuscripts and had a major or sole role in the design of the research, and the preparation and writing of the manuscripts.