Establishment of Program of Study

After examining the student's academic record, the Advisory Committee shall arrange a Program of Study appropriate for the fulfilment of the degree requirements. This program of study will be detailed on the "Graduate Degree Program Form". The Advisory Committee will give due consideration to any relevant courses previously completed successfully by the student at a recognized accredited university or college, as well as consideration for any placement examinations successfully completed. The Program of Study will include "Prescribed Studies" - which may include any required courses - on the basis of which the candidate's final academic standing will be determined. The program may also include "Additional Courses", chosen either by the student or recommended for completion by the student's Advisory Committee. See section Academic Standing/Prescribed Courses/Additional Courses.

The Program of Study established by the Advisory Committee must be approved by the Graduate Program Coordinator and submitted to the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies before the 20th class day of the student's second registered semester.

Note: for course-based Master's degrees a maximum of 1/3 of the total degree credits may be fulfilled through the successful completion of senior undergraduate courses. Individual Advisory Committees, however may require that a higher proportion of graduate courses be completed to fulfil the degree requirements. For thesis-based Master's degrees, a minimum of 1.5 credits included in the degree program must be graduate-level classes.

See Chapter IV Degree Regulations for more information on the requirements for Program of Study.

Changes to the Established Program of Study

Once the Program of Study is established, changes may be made, subject to the approval of the Advisory Committee, with report to the Assistant Vice-President (Graduate Studies).