5. Requests for In-Course Academic Accommodation

  1. Subject to appropriate documentation, requests for certain common forms of In-Course Academic Accommodation can be granted directly by SAS. These include but are not limited to requests for:
    1. note taking;
    2. arrangements for appropriate seating in a classroom; or
    3. supports for Examinations that are administered by the SAS Exam Centre such as extra time, use of a private or semi-private room, use of a computer, adaptive software or word processor, or access to a reader or scribe.
  2. Students requesting In-Course Academic Accommodation are responsible for submitting their requests in accordance with deadlines as provided on the SAS website.
  3. Requests for In-Course Academic Accommodations not in subsection 5.1 are considered “Supplementary Academic Accommodations” and are made directly to Course Instructors or the appropriate University units with the support of SAS. Examples may include but are not limited to:
    1. audio recording of lectures;
    2. use of memory aids or calculators for Examinations;
    3. additional time for assignments, or alternate scheduling of Examinations;
    4. advanced access to information about readings and assignments; or
    5. alternative methods of assessing Essential Requirements.
  4. SAS provides support to students in learning to negotiate on their own behalf. To that end, SAS encourages students to negotiate directly for Supplementary Academic Accommodations, when appropriate. At the student’s request, SAS may provide assistance in requesting Supplementary Academic Accommodations.
  5. Course Instructors are encouraged to contact SAS to discuss any requested Supplementary Academic Accommodation that is not consistent with the Notification, or if there are questions related to the impact of the Supplementary Academic Accommodation on the Essential Requirements of a course or program.
  6. If SAS supports the need to have textbooks produced in alternate format (e.g. audio books, Braille or e-text), students must make the necessary arrangements directly with Library Accessibility Services. Students are encouraged to make these arrangements early since it can take 4 to 6 weeks to acquire alternate format text.