Calculation Errors or Omissions

Students who believe there have been errors or omissions in the calculation of their final grade for a course may request a grade reassessment. They must submit a request in writing to the chair of the department offering the course within 14 working days of receiving notification of the grade. The request must pertain to work completed in the course and must contain a statement of the specific reasons why the grade does not adequately reflect academic performance in the course. Students must also submit relevant assignments or tests that have been returned to them. The chair shall forward the student's request to the instructor and the instructor shall respond to the chair within one week. The instructor has the responsibility of reviewing the appropriateness of the assigned grade in relation to the student's work, and of ensuring that the calculation of marks is accurate. The instructor must reply to the chair, in writing, giving assurance that the review is complete.

If there is a change in the grade, the chair will forward a Grade Reassessment form to the college dean. Upon approving the grade change, the dean signs the form and forwards it to the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. The Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies will advise the student in writing of the change of grade. If there is no change to the grade, it is the chair's responsibility to inform the student in writing.