Students have a responsibility to help maintain the integrity of the University as a community for learning. An example of this type of responsibility is the requirement to abide by all Federal, Provincial and Municipal laws1 and University policies including but not limited to:

  1. Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia - to not possess, use, supply or traffic illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia or controlled substances.
  2. Alcohol - to possess, purchase, and/or use of liquor by those under the age of 19 is prohibited. The sale or provision of alcohol to anyone under the age of 19 is prohibited. Consumption or open possession of liquor is prohibited on campus other than in those areas where it has been specifically permitted.
  3. Smoking - to abide by the University's policy, Smoking in the Workplace, which includes not smoking inside any University building or vehicle, or within nine metres of any building entrance or exit.
  4. Information Technology (IT) - to use computer login codes or passwords and University IT resources (e.g., computing account or workstation) in accordance with the University's Acceptable Use Policy.
  5. Permits and Identification - to not acquire, use, loan or disseminate University identification, express plans, building access cards, bus passes or parking permits that are stolen, borrowed, cancelled, lost, false, altered or expired. To not loan any of your identification to others nor alter or produce fake identification

Allegations of criminal or other offences may be addressed off-campus under the applicable legislation. The University may also initiate charges under this Policy with respect to the same incident(s) if the allegation in question materially affects the safety, integrity and/or educational interests of the University community.