Payment of Fees

The fees for a semester are due and payable as indicated on the financial statement issued/posted by Student Financial Services for that semester.

Tentative registration may be granted to students who make arrangements with Student Financial Services for the deferred payment of their university accounts. Students who are expecting to use OSAP funds to pay their semester account are advised to apply for this assistance at least eight weeks in advance of the first day of semester so that the funds will be here by the beginning of the semester. Students wishing a deferral of fees based on anticipated OSAP/government funds must receive approval from Student Financial Services.

Please note that Student Financial Services will apply all internal awards against outstanding balances on students' accounts unless prior arrangements have been made.

Cohort Year

Cohort year refers to the academic calendar year for your first admission to the university or the calendar year for subsequent readmission to the same program or a new program. Tuition fees are assessed based on this assigned year.

Account Deferment Fee

If a deferral of fees is granted, the student will be assessed an account deferment fee of $60.00

Academic Sanction

An academic sanction may be applied to students who have not made payment of their university accounts. Such sanction may involve one or more of:

  1. withholding of semester course standings and reports,
  2. withholding of transcripts,
  3. withholding of degree or diploma,
  4. denial or cancellation of registration for a subsequent semester.