Advisory Committee

This committee will consist of no fewer than three members of the graduate faculty. The graduate student normally participates in their selection. At least one of the committee members must be in a department outside the one in which the student is registered. The committee chair is normally the Advisor of the student's program and is nominated by the Department Chair. The Advisory Committee must be established and the Advisory Committee Appointment form submitted to the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies not later than the 20th class day of the student's second registered semester.

Interdepartmental DVSc Program Committee

This Program Committee, appointed by the Board of Graduate Studies, will consist of one member of the graduate faculty in each of the departments involved, and will be chaired by the Dean of the Ontario Veterinary College or a designate. The program committee will review and make recommendations to the Assistant Vice-President (Graduate Studies) upon all applications for admission; it will review the proposed program of study and the semester evaluation reports of each student (see Department Review); and it will determine the membership of each Qualifying Examination committee. The Program Committee may specify regulations in addition to those set out here, and will be responsible for publicizing them in each department, where the student is responsible for seeking out this information.